Stage 7: Vrhnika Crit (8 laps, sum: 38.2km, 0vm)


The last action of the year. A race that demands power and skills. The route runs on streets of Vrhnika with lots of corners.

Golden segments

There are two segments but they are FAL segments. (FTS) First through the segment gets the time bonus on every odd lap: 1, 3, 5, 7. The tricky part: both segment finish is around the corner. You will have to fight for inner line before the corner to get out of it first. Riding the outer line is significantly slower so there will be no time for rest on streight parts of the course. All segments count toward Green jersey including finish line banner.

RGT Road ID for those wanting to preride and study course is: mBAPg6fsulnu

IMPORTANT!!! This is A category race link open to all racers no matter the rank or power output. If you would like to race in B or C category please register here to get private race links!

A Category race link

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