Stage 5: Podsmreka – Ig (43.9km, 115vm)


Sprinters will get their chanse on stage 5. Flat and borring but with a few parts where a break can happen. Its the stage that should suit sprinters the most, but we have seen in the past that attacking ride can destroy the field on courses like this. Climbers will have to hold on and survive this one.


Golden segments

The stage has three segments starting at 13.7km, followed by 22.8km and 27.9km. All the segments count toward Green jersey plus time bonus on finish banner.

RGT Road ID for those wanting to preride and study course is: 3zAio4X60BUe

IMPORTANT!!! This is A category race link open to all racers no matter the rank or power output. If you would like to race in B or C category please register here to get private race links!

A Category race link

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