Stage 4: Gabrce Leg Snapper  (8 laps, sum: 30.6km, 744vm)


The stage for punchers to shine. A short loop with steep climb. Rinse and repeat 8 times. It’s an absolute leg snapper and many will suffer here.

Last year we had flat-slightly downhill TT which favoured heavier riders. This year TT is the opposite. Exept for couple of lumps in the beginng it is mostly flat, but under slight positive incline up the Sava Bohinjka river walley. Real TT specialist will still love this one, but smaller and lighter riders will not be hendicaped that much.

Golden segmets

There is one segment at the start of the climb. Time bonuses are available on every odd lap: 1, 3, 5, 7. You can gain a lot of time on the segments but will you able to hold on with the pack to the top of the climb if going all in on the segment? Different tactics are possible on this stage. Pick your pain.

All segments count toward Dot jersey also.

RGT Road ID for those wanting to preride and study course is: EV9Wp28oq3re

IMPORTANT!!! This is A category race link open to all racers no matter the rank or power output. If you would like to race in B or C category please register here to get private race links!

A Category race link

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