Friday, 7:45PM CEST

VirtuSlo 4Endurance Steady Ride

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Welcome to our weekly VirtuSlo 4Endurance Steady Ride.

This is a fun social ride with the aim of improving your endurance. Stick together to enjoy the draft and companionship. Feel free to join in-ride conversation.

We will not tolerate flyers/racers – they will be removed from the ride by the one and only mrs. Fence.

We will try to have a sweeper on each ride to help any riders with technical (or other) difficulties come back to the group. If you feel strong, please help our red beacon team. We recommend using a »late-join« option if you fall behind in the first 30 minutes of the ride.

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VirtuSlo 4Endurance Schedule
More info:

– WEDNESDAY at 17:40 UTC / 19:40 CEST – VirtuSlo Tour Fight for GC with Split-Cats
Monthly series with GC and Team GC Classification with Bonus seconds
– FRIDAY at 16:45 UTC / 18:45 CEST – Split-Cats Race by VirtuSlo 4Endurance
– FRIDAY at 17:45 UTC / 19:45 CEST – VirtuSlo 4Endurance Steady Ride
– SUNDAY at 8:45 UTC / 10:45 CEST – Split-Cats 50k Race by VirtuSlo 4Endurance
VirtuSlo 4Endurance League ‘23 coming up from 29th October till 3rd December with 6 Stages on Sundays at 17:00 UTC / 18:00 CET

During the rides we use the group ride channel on our discord server
You are welcome to join for even more interaction.

Check out our website for more info about us.

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