Stage 1: Jezero – Smrecje (32.5km, 672vm)


We start this New Year Tour with a mountain top finish. The stage begins at lake Jezero a small but very deep lake in central Slovenia and finishes on the other side of Natura 2000 park.

The final climb, Smrecje climb is not that steep but it’s 7km long. There is plenty of opportunities to attack on steeper parts and make a gap. Climbers will gain a lot of time here but they need to be carefull on two short punchy climbs on flat part of the stage. Dropping from the pack there will end climbers dream to win this stage.

Golden segments

The stage has one segment of 7km. This segment also counts toward Dot jersey.

Results of this stage will be ideal point for many who might underestimate their ability so they can continue the race in higher category still early into a stage race.

RGT Road ID for those wanting to preride and study course is: NHqzKBRLriKi

IMPORTANT!!! This is A category race link open to all racers no matter the rank or power output. If you would like to race in B or C category please register here to get private race links!

A Category race link

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