Stage 2: Barjanska Osmica (41.9km, 396vm)


This is a shorter version ob Barjanska Osmica Runda. However two part of the course where local riders like to challenge each other are covered on this stage. 

This stage has two tricky parts. The first has a short segment on last stretch of long false flat. The first selection will happen here due to short but fast descent after the segment. The second part is climb toward Zazar. Again not steep but it will be a challenge for sprinters to stay in the pack. The surviving sprinters will be able to unleash their power on second flat segment. 

Golden segments

There are two segmets. First at 14.4km and second at 34.7km. The second one counts toward Green jersey also.

RGT Road ID for those wanting to preride and study course is: xITlgGV5yqPS

IMPORTANT!!! This is A category race link open to all racers no matter the rank or power output. If you would like to race in B or C category please register here to get private race links!

A Category race link


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