VirtuSlo 4Endurance Holiday League

VirtuSlo 4Endurance League is a race series with 4 races over 4 weeks period.
Races will be held from 10th December till 31st December 2023
every Sunday at 10:45 CET / 09:45 UTC (Zone 1) & 18:05 CET / 17:05 UTC (Zone 2).

Pre-registration for PRIZES required (eligible for EU & UK residents)




Stage 2, Zone 1 (10:45 CET / 09:45 UTC)

Stage 2, Zone 2 (18:05 CET / 17:05 UTC)

Wacky Wednesdays (Split-Cats) Points Race Series

Split-Categories with Category Enforcement.
This monthly series will have 4 or 5 Points Races each month with Bonus Points in play each race.

To find more about this series, press the button on the right!

Friday's Split-Cats Race & Steady Ride by VirtuSlo 4Endurnace

We are doing two rides on Friday: Split-Cats (@18:45CEST) followed by a chill Steady Ride (@19:45CEST) where you can cool down and talk with your riding companions.