We are a group of enthusiasts organizing events through virtual cycling platforms.

VirtuSlo 4Endurance League 2024

VirtuSlo 4Endurance League is a race series with 6 races over 6 weeks period.
Races will be held from 21st January untill 25th February 2024
every Sunday at 10:45 CET / 09:45 UTC (Zone 1) & 18:05 CET / 17:05 UTC (Zone 2).

Pre-registration for PRIZES required for residents of the European Union and UK.




Stage 6, Zone 1 (10:45 CET / 09:45 UTC)

Stage 6, Zone 2 (18:05 CET / 17:05 UTC)

Vpis v društvo VirtuSlo

Stage 5 and 6 will be repeated!

Important note to everyone participating in our E-league on Zwift. Due unexpected error in race settings for stage 5 and 6, where Zwift HQ forgot to disable TT mode (not our error!), we have decided to prolong curent league with additional two weeks and repeat stage 5...

Time bonuses on VirtuSLO e-league are back!

Important update for VirtuSLO e-League!   Stage 7 and Stage 8 will have time bonuses aplied to all groups A,B,C,D,E. Please don't forget to check Schedule & calendar table for primes that count on our webpage under https://virtuslo.cc/e-league-2021-calendar/...

VirtuSLO e-League time bonuses rule has changed!

Important note: Last week Zwiftpower stoped providing separated times on Prime banners for A, B, C, D, and E categories. This is huge blow for our race format, since entire race was designed around time bonifications gathered on intermediate banners. Since we are 100%...

Announcing VirtuSLO e-League @Zwift platform

Summer time was a blast, but it is past. New indoor season is knocking on our doors and we are prepared. On sunday 31st of October, new 8 week long Sunday racing serié will launch on Zwift platform. Familiar to many for three years now, a slightly renewed format will...

Mitja Kovačič’s 24h charity ride

Tommorow, on 30th of January one of our comunity main motors, Mitja Kovačič, will do a very special challenge for a charity reasons. He will do a continous 24h ride on Zwift platform to raise funds for My Name’5 Doddie fundation which raises funds for research into a...

Slovenian Zwift League – Autumn 2020

After several days needed for Zwiftpower to process our stage 7 Slovenian Zwift league results, we now have final League results ready.Congrats to all participants throughout the league! Below is a snapshot of top30 final league standings. Here are also all top30...

Veloton, another platform or gamechanger?

So what is this Veloton platform? From October 2020 their website says: "Veloton combines the realism of video games with the intensity of serious training and helps you perform. Complete challenges and earn achievements in routes based on real life stages". Sounds...

We are back!

Well, almost :). As the summer weather is ending we are getting ready for new Slovenian Zwift League serie. League current target start date is 8th November. Start depends on Zwift / ZP and our organization and we will do best not to move the date. Until then, we...

Spring Classics – Live?

Below is a post we prepared a while ago, hoping that Zwift will be able to support us and confirm dates for a 4week Spring series. Isolation and quarantine preventive measures gave us a good opportunity to train longer indoors this season. At some point, it went quiet...