Virtuslo New Year Tour 2021



Virtuslo NY Tour is a 7-day stage race, running betwen 25.12.-31.12.2021, for three different group of riders based on their abilities: advanced (A), intermediate (B) and basic (C). It’s a community event, so every one is welcome, regardless of age, gender, status (professional, amateur, recreational) or ability, the only condition is, to choose the right power category, have fun, race fair.

This year we will fight in Gorenjska region, on course designed and prepared by Miha Kosmač. It is a course that might suit climbers this year a bit more than in previous edition where punchers had their advantage. But despite being at the foot of Alps, there will be enough chances for sprinters and their fast legs as well. And especially the introduction of The Golden segments time bonuses will make life of climbers much, much  more complicated.


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