Slovenian Zwift League – Fight for Jersey 2021

Another spring league has been prepared, still on our usual Sunday 10:30 CET timeslot. This one will span over 11 weeks starting from 17th January and only 9 of your best race participations will count to league points. The aim of the game will be Fight for Jersey. There will be two jerseys to figh for: The Yellow jersey and Red jersey.

We hope to see you on Zwift on 17th January! Until the league officially starts join our Friday group workout ride (18:00 CET) where we will test some of the courses from the upcoming league.

More information here: Rules & info / Race calendar / Results

Mitja Kovačič’s 24h charity ride

Tommorow, on 30th of January one of our comunity main motors, Mitja Kovačič, will do a very special challenge for a charity reasons. He will do a continous 24h ride on Zwift platform to raise funds for My Name’5 Doddie fundation which raises funds for research into a cure for people suffering from Motor Neutron Desease. His activity will be a part of a massive world wide DoddieAid sporting event to actively support the fundation.

Here is what Mitja has to say about his challenge and motivation:

At 45 years old I should already learn how to keep my mouth shut…obviously, that is not the case with me. I will mention Ross Duncan here so you know what am I dealing with here 🙂 Long story with all the details attached in the Zwift Insider article below, but the short story goes like this: There is no way back for me! I’m doing my first 24h ride on Zwift as part of DoddieAid challenge. I will start with 3R 200km Special Event on Saturday at 7.30am BST and then continue for 24h. My miles goes toward North&Midlans team and so does all the funds raised during the ride. My goal is 1£ per 1km so aiming for 700£. You are welcome to join me on suffer-fest even if it is only for a few miles. Live stream: 3R event link or anytime after 1.00PM BST on Watopia Tempus Fugit (hit “Ride With” Mitja Kovacic 24h DoddieAid on the main menu in Zwift. Make sure you are on Watopia World).

What is Motor Neuron Disease?

Motor neurone disease is a rare condition that progressively damages parts of the nervous system. This leads to muscle weakness.

It occurs when specialist nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord called motor neurones stop working properly. This is known as neurodegeneration.

Motor neurones control important muscle activity, such as:Gripping

– Walking

– Speaking

– Swallowing

– Breathing

As the condition progresses, people with motor neurone disease will find some or all of these activities increasingly difficult. Eventually, they may become impossible.

There’s currently no cure for motor neurone disease. Treatment aims to:

– Make the person feel comfortable and have the best quality of life possible

– Compensate for the progressive loss of bodily functions such as mobility, communication, swallowing and breathing

Come Support Mitja

Donate to the charity and come and ride with Mitja on 30th January! Try supporting him at least with few miles helping pacing him along. If you can not not help in-game, be sure to support Mitja via his YouTube channel.

You can donate here:

Slovenian Zwift League – Autumn 2020

After several days needed for Zwiftpower to process our stage 7 Slovenian Zwift league results, we now have final League results ready.
Congrats to all participants throughout the league!

Below is a snapshot of top30 final league standings. Here are also all top30 results by stages
And also results on Zwiftpower (these do not include second score rule):

Thanks for the great support and see you on the next league second half of January 😉. More info soon…

No photo description available.

We are back!

Well, almost :). As the summer weather is ending we are getting ready for new Slovenian Zwift League serie. League current target start date is 8th November. Start depends on Zwift / ZP and our organization and we will do best not to move the date.

Until then, we prepared two weekly events on Zwift for our active indoor cyclists.

  • SloZl group ride each Friday 18:00 CET. This will be on the same course and distance as the weekly Sunday race. Take this ride as recon opportunity for the race. We will have a leader (and keeper) on the ride and expect some fun along the way.
  • SloZl weekly race each Sunday 10:30 CET. This is a series of races to improve and get ready for the upcoming League.

So what are you waiting? Join us and signup for friday and sunday SloZl event. We start with this week! 😀

Spring Classics – Live?

Below is a post we prepared a while ago, hoping that Zwift will be able to support us and confirm dates for a 4week Spring series. Isolation and quarantine preventive measures gave us a good opportunity to train longer indoors this season.
At some point, it went quiet from the Zwift side. So we assumed it was not approved due to various reasons. I will not go into details but we did our best to get a mini-series in before the summer.

With that negative feeling, we moved on and started preparing for next season league.
But today I got an info that Slovenian event is live for this weekend. Really? Zwift didn’t confirm it, let me take a look. Yikes! It’s live and not the way we planned it. The schedule and planned stage are off…
Ah well. Let’s take it as it is. So, this weekend we have a race!

Signup is available here:
We will use Zwiftpower to organize results.

See you this weekend on Zwift and good luck!

As spring is penetrating into the northern hemisphere the sun is higher and stronger day by day. We have been entire winter riding indoor, trained hard and as we are extremely well prepared, we are also eager to enjoy and unleash that gained fitness outside on roads. Unfortunately, this year’s spring is very different for most European countries due to Coronavirus outbreak and many countries have employed strict quarantine, which means not only no events, no outside group rides, but even no solo outside rides on a free road in most countries. Stay home is an obligation for many, and demotivation, sadness, frustration coming from the inability to ride and socialize outside is just a natural response to that situation.

But, at least we have some sort of alternatives. Hard indoor group rides on Zwift are perfect for overcoming the current lack of outdoor activities and that’s why we have decided to organize a short serié of one-day races during April, which will most likely be locked down in most European countries.

We call these events Slovenian Zwift Spring Classics, and they are meant to be a bit longer and harder one-day races on a mixed course held on every Sunday during April @10:30. We will be aiming for 90-120min long races for stronger A and B groups and for 1h+ durations for C and D groups.

The general rules are simple: race hard, race fair, have fun and be nice.

Everyone is welcome!