We are back!

Well, almost :). As the summer weather is ending we are getting ready for new Slovenian Zwift League serie. League current target start date is 8th November. Start depends on Zwift / ZP and our organization and we will do best not to move the date.

Until then, we prepared two weekly events on Zwift for our active indoor cyclists.

  • SloZl group ride each Friday 18:00 CET. This will be on the same course and distance as the weekly Sunday race. Take this ride as recon opportunity for the race. We will have a leader (and keeper) on the ride and expect some fun along the way.
  • SloZl weekly race each Sunday 10:30 CET. This is a series of races to improve and get ready for the upcoming League.

So what are you waiting? Join us and signup for friday and sunday SloZl event. We start with this week! ­čśÇ

Spring Classics – Live?

Below is a post we prepared a while ago, hoping that Zwift will be able to support us and confirm dates for a 4week Spring series. Isolation and quarantine preventive measures gave us a good opportunity to train longer indoors this season.
At some point, it went quiet from the Zwift side. So we assumed it was not approved due to various reasons. I will not go into details but we did our best to get a mini-series in before the summer.

With that negative feeling, we moved on and started preparing for next season league.
But today I got an info that Slovenian event is live for this weekend. Really? Zwift didn’t confirm it, let me take a look. Yikes! It’s live and not the way we planned it. The schedule and planned stage are off…
Ah well. Let’s take it as it is. So, this weekend we have a race!

Signup is available here: http://zwift.com/events/view/680589
We will use Zwiftpower to organize results.

See you this weekend on Zwift and good luck!

As spring is penetrating into the northern hemisphere the sun is higher and stronger day by day. We have been entire winter riding indoor, trained hard and as we are extremely well prepared, we are also eager to enjoy and unleash that gained fitness outside on roads. Unfortunately, this year’s spring is very different for most European countries due to Coronavirus outbreak and many countries have employed strict quarantine, which means not only no events, no outside group rides, but even no solo outside rides on a free road in most countries. Stay home is an obligation for many, and demotivation, sadness, frustration coming from the inability to ride and socialize outside is just a natural response to that situation.

But, at least we have some sort of alternatives. Hard indoor group rides on Zwift are perfect for overcoming the current lack of outdoor activities and that’s why we have decided to organize a short seri├ę of one-day races during April, which will most likely be locked down in most European countries.

We call these events Slovenian Zwift Spring Classics, and they are meant to be a bit longer and harder one-day races on a mixed course held on every Sunday during April @10:30. We will be aiming for 90-120min long races for stronger A and B groups and for 1h+ durations for C and D groups.

The general rules are simple: race hard, race fair, have fun and be nice.

Everyone is welcome!

Fight for Jersey final prize draw

Nine weeks of Jersey hunting is over and its time for the final draw to conclude spring series of Slovenian Zwift League. As promised at the begining of the spring series our sponsor VS Bike is giving the main prize of league – Wahoo Elemnt Bolt bike computer to one lucky SLO rider with at least 5 finished stages of Fight for Jersey series.

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

Final draw (15.3.2020) eligible riders list (with at least 5 finished stages) is:

Peter Strmšek1
Gregor Hirsman2
Gregor Kovac3
Gregor Berlisk4
Denis Becaj5
Matja┼ż Hribljan6
Jurij Ro┼żanec7
Dejan Sever8
Miha Kosma─Ź9
Nino Moskon10
Janez Marguc11
Matija Kokalj12
Simon Strmsek13
Samo Pitamic14
Janez Tomc15
Miro Pristavec16
Grega Gregoric17
Marko Drinovec18
Klemen Svegelj19
Matej Lovse20
Mitja Štern21
Tadej Sedar22
Darja Vavpetic23

And who the lucky winner is?

Find it out yourself in the video below -:)

Congrats to the lucky winner. Please contact us at info.slozl@gmail.com for your prize collection.

Week #8 prize draw

This week we are back to Professional Bike fitting sponsored by VS Bike for one lucky randomly choosen SLO rider with a valid stage 8 result, discounted for past winners and organizers.

And week #8 lucky winner is Janez Margu─Ź (stream)

Janez congratulations. For prize collection please contact us at info.slozl@gmail.com. We will redirect you to VS Bike for organizing your Bike Fitting session.


Week #8 (8.3.2020) eligible riders list:

Gasper Javornik
Miha Hrovat
Miha Malus
Matija Kokalj
Luka Lapanja
Miha Kosmac
Gregor Berlisk
Simon Strmsek
Marko Drinovec
Janez Tomc
Mitja Muhvic
Janez Marguc
Dejan Sever [DIRT]
Darja Vavpetic
Grega Gregoric
Matja Hribljan(twitch.tv/matjazh2)
Tilen Gasperin

Just to refresh basic rules about eligibility for our weekly prize draw:

1.) every Slovenian rider with a valid stage result on Zwiftpower.com from the current week is eligible. Riders with SLO flag but without real name and surname (examples: some dude, .Iron Doga, Ave Cezar, Miha 5886, etc..) are excluded. Names like Miha ┼Żeleznik (Steel Bike lover), Tine Regrat [Vegan Zwift Team] are OK.

2.) Organizers and past lucky winners are excluded from the weekly prize draw. There is no point in getting two prizes in a row, but they all remain eligible for the main prize (Wahoo Elemnt Bolt) after 9 weeks of the league.

Fight for Jersey – Stage 9 preview

Last stage. The final fight for all three jersey contenders. Register here right now.

We are back in London. Only this time this stage isn’t just about flats and sprinting. It’s a mixed stage with sprint-climb-sprint-climb-sprint-climb dynamics. A lot of points are available, both in Green and Black jersey competition and in some categories standing can still be reverted at the very last prime banner.

First, look at the profile. It’s a fairly long stage for Zwift standards. 62km means somewhere between 1h15-1h25 of racing for the A & B category. Within three laps of London 8 loop there are three intermediate sprints at sprint banner and three Box hill climbs between them. This means sprinters will have to suffer and go all out during climbs. Their only hope for survival is, if climbers won’t attack the climbs like crazy, but rather watching each other instead. If this happens there are mighty 32 points available for them and that’s enough to conquer the green jersey competition at the end of the league.

The climbers have 15 points available to grab on three Box hill climbs. Box hill is a very well known climb. It’s a 6-7 min long effort with moderate 5-6% gradients which means, that uphill speeds can be high enough to already feel the draft effect. That’s usually a receipt for killing any attacking initiative, but if climbers want to get rid of sprinters, they have to go really hard. Anyhow, there are enough points available for the A and B categories to change the final standing in the prestigious Black jersey competition.

Looking at the Yellow jersey leaderboard, we can spot very close results in A and C categories. In both categories, a yellow jersey can change their owner and the stage is properly hard to try to eliminate the other contender and try to conquer the jersey at the end.

Since it’s the last stage during this winter season and our indoor preparation is slowly coming to an end, we should attack it properly hard. Let’s go all out into the spring!

Categories & will do 3 laps with a total distance of 63km and 714m of altitude gain.
Categories & will do 2 laps with a total distance of 42km and 476m of altitude gain.

The race happens on Sunday 15.3.2020 at 10.30 CET. Register here right now.

See you all there!

Have you ridden the course “London 8” before? The easiest way is to check the segment in your Strava account.

Strava Forward Segment