Nine weeks of Jersey hunting is over and its time for the final draw to conclude spring series of Slovenian Zwift League. As promised at the begining of the spring series our sponsor VS Bike is giving the main prize of league – Wahoo Elemnt Bolt bike computer to one lucky SLO rider with at least 5 finished stages of Fight for Jersey series.

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

Final draw (15.3.2020) eligible riders list (with at least 5 finished stages) is:

Peter Strmšek1
Gregor Hirsman2
Gregor Kovac3
Gregor Berlisk4
Denis Becaj5
Matjaž Hribljan6
Jurij Rožanec7
Dejan Sever8
Miha Kosmač9
Nino Moskon10
Janez Marguc11
Matija Kokalj12
Simon Strmsek13
Samo Pitamic14
Janez Tomc15
Miro Pristavec16
Grega Gregoric17
Marko Drinovec18
Klemen Svegelj19
Matej Lovse20
Mitja Štern21
Tadej Sedar22
Darja Vavpetic23

And who the lucky winner is?

Find it out yourself in the video below -:)

Congrats to the lucky winner. Please contact us at for your prize collection.