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It doesn’t matter if you are 60kg ultra light climber or 90kg mountain of muscles. It doesn’t matter if you are women or men, time trialist or sprinter, Pro or Recreative. What matters, is your ABILITY.

Small 55kg lady spining at 4.5w/kg will be as fast as massive 90kg framed man grinding at only 3.8wkg. To be precise, their speed will be exactly the same at 3% incline with hands on huds. Once the road become steeper, she will gain advantage and dance away, but on flats or downhills he will get advantage and catch her back. Ergo: these two belong together!

Your ABILITY is defined by your weight in kilograms and your Peak20min power in watts. These two parameters define how fast you will be, and what category you should choose to ride with.

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