Wednesday at 18:00 CET will be reserved for Runda. Fast as hell, and this season on various courses all over Slovenia, with few exceptions from all over the earth thrown in for the sake of variety and fun. 40-60km in lenght, some more flatish and faster, some more hilly, but always authentic and well prepared.

What Runda is exactly? Is it a Group ride or a Race?

Runda is a bit of both. In first half it is more like a group ride at race pace, and in second half it usualy is more like a Race. During the summer, this is big wednesday group ride at race pace, where every one contributes as long as he can and group keeps falling apart into smaller groups acording to ability. Its the fastest possible group ride with usual sprint for finish banner. On-line it depends on the size of the blob. The bigger the blob, more race like Runda is.