Beautiful Vipavska walley is on the menü this week. The blossom of agricultural land, the garden of gods, loaded with fruits, vegetables, wineyards, pork. It’s an eden on earth with one and only exeption, the Burja wind!

Like with the land, so with cycling and cyclists. No where else in Slovenia, so many quality riders would be concentrated as in Vipavska region and nearby Kras. Actually there are so many cycling lunatics there, so many watts, we could export some power and be reach.

Palba runda is a fast and beutiful circular course around Vipava walley with only one climb long enough to split the group into pieces. Manče climb is ~2km long, @4.5% big ring climb, well suited for strong riders and puncheurs. It comes relatively early, only after some 10km into the ride and will split the group apart. Albeit there is enough of relatively straight and slowly descending ground afterwards, for many groups to rejoin again. But a group of three or four, working hard together, might succed in a breakaway attempt. Terain becomes more lumpy in the last 15km ofering many opurtunities for an ambush and bold attack. If not before, the race will most certainly explode in last 3.5km. Sprinters will have to bite through their handlebars to stay on the wheels there and contest the final sprint. But it’s possible, only there won’t be any big group sprinting at all. Only many small solo, duo, trio groups sprinting for the line.

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