Monday RGT group ride

Every Monday at 18:00 CET we will organize a group preview ride on upcoming Wednesday’s runda course, with bots set to pull over the course with power between 2.0-3.5w/kg. This should provide a span wide enough to suit every kind of a rider to do his preview of the course in a leisure pace. Mondays are generaly not meant for competitive efforts, yet feel free to ride Runda course hard if you wish so.

DateCourseDist (km)Gain (m)Join event*
2.11.2020Celjska runda56,6456Link
16.11.2020Mariborska runda62,9409Link
23.11.2020Donački krog57,1601Link
30.11.2020Savinjska runda57,0416
7.12.2020Goriška pentlja63,4690
14.12.2020Top Fit42,3544
4.1.2021Konjiška runda57,1394
11.1.2021Palba runda
18.1.2021Prekmurska runda
1.2.2021Dolska runda na Trojane
8.2.2021Dolenjska runda
15.2.2021Vaška runda
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