Fight for the Jersey has started!

And what an exciting start we had. New York’s ultra dynamic course profile with intermediate sprint and KOM banner so close together, has made the game even more unpredictable.

In category race exploded right after the first sprint. Group of four managed to crest the NY KOM few seconds before following group and than stayed together all the way to home, harvesting most of the sprint and KOM points on their way. Robi Marič crossed the finish line first and got the privilege to wear prestigous jellow jersey on stage 2. Matej Lovse gathered most sprint points thus he will be granted with green jersey privilege on next stage, and Igor Kopse will wear black since Robi Marič must wear higher ranked Yellow and Igor is second by the KOM points.

= Robi Marič

= Matej Lovse

= Igor Kopse

Category had similar scenario. Quick look at the finishing times tells us that entire field of some 40 riders was splitted into smaller groups of 3-4-5 riders. As with Cat A, Damjan Krajnc was able to concquer two jerseys at once. He will be wearing Yellow in stage 2, and Miha Zoubek will wear Green because he is second ranked by sprint points competition. While Simon Strmšek will be the first to wear Black jersey in stage 2. All three where the part of the front group in race.

= Damjan Krajnc
= Miha Zoubek
= Simon Strmšek

In Category we had even more dispersed situation. Only the leading duo of Thomas Reinecke and Petra Zoubek managed to stay together until final drag to finish line, with Thomas conquering all three jerseys at once! Since he can wear only one, the highest ranked Yellow jersey, Petra will have to wear Black. Rajko Petrovic who was the part of original leading trio, faded in the last lap, finished as a third with one minute gap at the end, but was able to score enough points in Sprint competition so he will wear the fastest colour in the peloton, the Green jersey.

= Thomas Reinecke
= Rajko Petrovic
= Petra Zoubek

With first stage behind us, The Jerseys did get their first privileged owners to wear them. Please, read our Dress Code to be maximaly visible and distinguishable from others in the blob. For all others, please avoid those jerseys and leave them for the leaders only. The next stage, stage 2, is a fast stage where only Black jersey is safe since there are no KOM points to grab. But the Yellow and the specially the Green is on stake. Go all-out, attack the jersey with no mercy and try to bring it home.