The Spring series is just about to start, so here we go!

The most important new feature of spring series is, we won’t fight anymore only for the overall winner in our Category, but for three different achievements – three jerseys! The Yellow, the Green and the KOM jersey. Three most respectful and iconic jerseys in the biggest stage race we all know and adore, Tour d’France.

It’s a chance for three very different type of cyclists, three basic phenotypes, to get their fun and fight for the glory. For those with biggest and fastest thights in the blob – the bullets, for those lightweights and skinny patrons on the opposite site of a scale, and for those in between. Let’s go quicky through this new concept of the game.

The Yellow jersey

The most prestigous and valuable jersey ever. It is also the hardest to grab. It represent the most consistent rider through entire series. The one who will end it in yellow will be the overall winner of the spring. According to race route, he will have to be fast in flat and mixed stages and climb with the best as well.

Every stage has max 30 points to grab for the stage win. Best 8 weeks out of 9 will count for overall, but the fight for yellow starts right from the gun. The winner of the first stage will be the first with the special privilege to wear it in next stage. We will therefore encourage the new leader of the series to wear CRCA in-game kit with yellow socks as well, to be most noticeble rider in the blob. Of course, this won’t be a condition, but more of encouragement, special privilege, special burden that comes along with glory. Even more, the overall leader of race will be marked with special yellow beacon which will make him visible even more. He won’t be able to hide anymore. Same as on real Tour, the yellow jersey can’t pee without entire blob to know this, the yellow jersey can’t attack without everybody witnessing it. The yellow jersey has eyes on it all the time. It’s the part of the game. The price of glory, the burden of being major, the privilege rare can taste as well.

The Green jersey

Green is mean. Green is fast. Green is explosive. Only the fastest legs in the blob can wear it. It’s the obsession of the sprinters, their ultimate goal in any stage race.

There are seven stages out of nine in spring course with points to grab. Only two stages are without points and these are mountaineous two. Every stage has different number of sprints assigned, and in theory it is possible to accumulate 179pts for A or B category or 148pts for C and D’s. As with yellow, the fight for green starts ride from the gun. The first stage has already 3 sprints with 24pts to grab. The one with highest score at the end of the day, will be in green on stage 2. As with yellow, we will encourage the sprint leader to wear the green jersey and green socks, to distinct him self from others. At the same time, since green is common in the field, we would kindly ask all others to avoid this jersey for this event, and let the special privilege only to leader. Again, it’s not an obligation, but more the matter of respect towards leader and the game.

The KOM jersey

Do you know, black colour has no weight?

Black is for KOM. KOM is for King Of the Mountain. And there can be only one King of the Mountain – the black goat!

KOM is for those who found flats boring, who found only excitement if road is up. The more up, the better, the more exciting. It’s for those who love to punish them self, who can go deep into red and stay there longer than any other. It’s for diametral opposite phenotype of the green. KOM is for climbers.

As with sprint point competition, the KOM has seven stages with points to grab. There are two stages without points, and these are flat festivals for sprinters. Theoretically there are 120pts to accumulate for A & B’s throughout all stages , and 110pts for C & D’s. There are 10pts to grab already in the stage 1, and the one with the highest score after the stage will get first privilege to wear KOM jersey on stage 2. KOM jersey will be black with black socks and black gloves, since there is no Polka dot jersey available in Zwift outside game’s default setup on certain segments. As with the yellow and green, please respect the KOM leader and let the privilege of full black kit in this game for the current leader only. Same goes for the KOM leader, please take this as a special privilege and a duty. Become the black goat of the race!

Are you ready for the challenge?

Sunday is fun-day, and fun starts this weekend.