We have some exciting news to announce!

As rumored a few weeks ago, we are just about to start a new 9 weeks long serié. We are keeping a similar format, with some subtle changes and new features which will, at least we hope so, improve the game even further.

Spring series will run from January 19th to March 15th. There won’t be any more two slots available for the same stage during weekends, but only one – the Sunday @10:30 CET.

Course selection will be similar to autumn serié, some flat stages for pure sprinters, mixed stages for puncheurs, mountain stages for climbers and one very demanding TT. While most stages are tailored for around an hour of racing, there is one queen stage that stands out with 2h+ duration and hell of a lot of climbing.

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But the most exciting new feature of spring serié will be, hunting jerseys just like on Grand Tours we all like and admire. Every stage will have specific points available on Sprint and KOM banners as well as the GC points for the stage final results. This means, sprinters will have the chance to fight for the Green jersey, climbers will have the chance to fight for Polka dot jersey and the GC riders will hunt the most prestigious one, the Yellow jersey. Even more, after the first stage, the leader of the A, B and C category will have the privilege to wear the special yellow jersey and will be marked with beacon arrow, so he will be the most visible rider in the entire pack.

Another important change will be one leaderboard only. No more separated Worlds and SLO only leaderboards, we will have to fight for points and jerseys within international competition. This is an important change since the fight for points will have to be much more fearsome.

Stay tuned, during the weekend we will unveil the route, stage details including rules, points, and schedule.

Ride on!