Autumn serié is a wrap. Nine weeks are over and we are done for this year. International results are published on zwiftpower with best 8 out of 9 weeks of racing and Slovenian only results are published here on Results page as well. Congrats to every single one, from winners to finishers, from one day racers to full league racers, some even double day fighters. The more of us are present, the better, more motivating our common time spent on the bike is.

What’s next?

We are taking 3 weeks of a break, and then we will be hopefully back with another 9 weeks long serié spanning from 17th of January till the 14th of March with new courses and hopefully some new challenges. Please, note the word “hopefully”, because it does not depend entirely on us. It is on Zwift as well to support us with event creation. Even on that field, fierce competition is present and it’s not easy these days to get a free slot within a central European prime time hour.

But, before we enter into the mid-winter vacuum time, we have one more challenge to do. Best Slovenian riders from groups A, B and C will have a chance to do one more race on Live Finals in Ljubljana, 4th of January 2020 and everybody else is warmly invited to come and cheer! Stay tuned for more details coming out tomorrow.