Week 5 is behind us. Harrogate stage was for sure interesting, some said it reminded them of New York, but half easier. Descents are longer and allow the super-tuck position and with that… more recovery.

While we sort out the results, there are some interesting live-stream replays!

In category Igor Kopše live-streamed on Saturday, here’s his replay:

Miha Kosmač live-streamed in category on Sunday and here’s his replay:

Boris Syarov prepared a great recap of his race in category worth watching!

In category Aleš Sušnik live-streamed only on Saturday this week. He pulled a rabbit out of his hat on the final climb to the finish banner and launched a massive sprint immediately at the bottom of the climb. Worth watching!
Here is his replay:

Uroš Huzjak live-streamed category on Sunday, here’s his replay:

Ingo Schörgenhummer live-streamed category here’s his replay:

Also in category Miha Hrovat live-streamed on Saturday, here’s his replay: