The last runda this winter. It’s spring slowly penetrating into our land, the daylight is longer, long enough for a quick after work ride, and we are simply runing short on runda courses too.

We would ride Goriška pentlja already in december, but some weird bug on RGT server that day ruined event that evening for everybody. No one was able to finish the ride that day.

Goriška pentlja it self is one of the hardest runda courses in entire serié. All the roads IRL are wide, very rolling, but the terrain is all the time a bit up & down. No sleep this time. With 63km and nearly 700vm of ascent it has a lot of volume, and IRL fastest time never exceded 39 km/h average. Expect between 90-120 min for this ride. The first climb comes relatively soon at around 6km mark, but it’s not steep nor is long. Going into the red to survive makes a lot of sence, since you will gain easy ride until main climb of the day, Cerkvenjak climb. Coming after 27km, with 3min30 for fastest IRL times it will split the bunch apart to many pieces.

There is an interesting youtube clip available here where you can get a bit familiar with the roads we will be riding this week.