New Year Tour 2020 is a wrap. 7 days of grueling riding on authentic Slovenian roads is over.

209 riders has finished at least one stage during Tour, and 31 has managed to complete all 7 stages. There where actually some more, but some riders has unfortunately experienced an upgrade notion (46 in total) due too high category performance, which annuled their results for those stages. Something we hope we will improve in next edition in terms, nobody will have to get an UPG, and riders of different body shapes and abilities will be grouped together much more equally. Current linear W/kg denomination is indeed unfair to very light riders.

Many thanks to Primož, Uroš, Mitja and Matjaž, four engines behind the scenes, for making it happen. We will come back next year at the same time, with similar format, but on new roads in some other region, and with much improved category system and ruleset. Hopefully on improved RGT platform also, which should be able to replicate (if not a beauty) at least a bit of countryside around the road. They have 358 days of time until then. ????