Do you know the phenomenom called “runda”?

Of course you do. Everybody knows what runda is. Yet, there is no definition what exactly runda is. If you ask ten cyclist what is runda, you will get ten different answers. Is it a group ride? Yes, special kind of. A very fast group ride with no merci for those who snaped of the sleepstream. Is it a race? No, it’s definetely not a race, but it’s still a fair bit competitive. It’s actually a group effort to ride as fast as possible over a standard distance or segment with a pinch of competition near the end. It ussualy ends with a sprint for a table or a sign and can be described as “race for hand shake and beer only”.

First half is ususally extremely fast all-out group ride where everyone is keen to pull at his turn, then in the second half it becomes more tactic. The group is usualy thinner there. Some might start thinking of surviving on local hill, some might calculate for the final sprint, some might simply become tired. And as always, some might be pulling like they have been obsesed by a demon. Sometimes runda can be just a leisure group ride and sometimes it may become fearsome race between friends.

No matter how you take your runda, you will always find someone to ride with. It’s always gonna give you tons of fun and you’ll always find some sore legs the day after. If you love that feeling, this is the right place to be!

Make sure you look at our Runda calendar and join us!