Stage #5: Sv.Ema

Time bonuses (sec): 6-5-4-3-2-1

Another stage for puncheurs. The profile might look mean, but it’s only last part of the stage to worry about for the sprinters. The first two climbs are easy and can be well drafted in the group. The real issue is the last part of the stage with a “wall” to Vonarje and Sv.Ema village a top the hill. It’s the place where all guns has to fire at once, no merci for any one. For those puncheurs who would like to attack and go for stage glory, or for those who might just try to survive with minimum time loss. And whats even more challenging, is the fact that after the “wall” the painfull push has to be continued for another few kilometers before the spicy finish at the church of Sv.Ema.

Similar to stage 1, this stage has a very demanding finish so the time bonuses at the finish line are relatively modest.