Runda rules 2020/21

Rule #1: Runda has no rules.

But for the sake of holly pepper, there are some recomendations:

  • Don’t forget that Runda is a group effort to ride over standard distance or segment in the fastest possible time.
  • Come, join Runda with a smile on your face. It’s your personal weekly speed festival.
  • When it’s your turn, pull as a person obsessed by a demon. Pull like there is no tomorrow!
  • Draft as much as you want, benefit from the effort of others as much as you want, but try keeping yourself at the tail of a blob.
  • Always sprint for the final. Without a final sprint, Runda isn’t real runda.
  • It is allowed to be a bit selfish asshole in the later part of the Runda. If you cross the line first, the beer for your group is on you!
  • Chat, embrace, be enthusiastic, keep the group spirit high. Never bully others!
  • Once the painful grim on your face disappears, it’s time for a smile again and a high five for your suffering group compatriots.
  • Come back next Wednesday and try to finish in one group closer to leaders.

Additional info:

There will always be some bots (virtual cyclist) present, which will serve as sweepers for those who might lose the group before the finish line. They will ride behind the first group of riders with 2.5-3.0 w/kg and you can always count on their wheel once your legs blow out. Just grab their wheel and take advantage of their slipstream for finishing your day. If you are new to virtual riding, learn how to effectively draft behind these bots.

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