2.1.SundayVirtuSLO Race/
3.1.Monday/Iron Horse Classic (real road)
4.1.TuesdayMeetup Ride (more info on Discord)/
5.1.Wednesday/Iron Horse Classic (real road)
6.1.ThursdayWTRL TTT Race #142 (more info on Discord)/
7.1.FridayGroup ride (1h with intervals)/
9.1.SundayVirtuSLO Race/
10.1.Monday/Koper DP 2021Koper DP 2021
11.1.TuesdayMeetup Ride (more info on Discord)/
12.1.Wednesday/Koper DP 2021Koper DP 2021
13.1.ThursdayWTRL TTT Race #143 (more info on Discord)/
14.1.FridayGroup ride (1h with intervals)/
16.1.SundayVirtuSLO e-League 2022 Winter editionNYC KOM After Party/
17.1.Monday/UCI GFWC 2021 SarajevoUCI GFC 2021 Sarajevo
18.1.TuesdayMeetup Ride (more info on Discord)/
19.1.Wednesday/UCI GFWC 2021 SarajevoUCI GFC 2021 Sarajevo
20.1.ThursdayWTRL TTT Race #144 (more info on Discord)/
21.1.FridayGroup ride (1h with intervals)/
23.1.SundayVirtuSLO RaceThe Pretzel/
24.1.Monday/Tuesday Lav
25.1.TuesdayMeetup Ride (more info on Discord)/
26.1.Wednesday/Tuesday Lav
27.1.ThursdayWTRL TTT Race #145 (more info on Discord)Watopia's Waistband/
28.1.FridayGroup ride (1h with intervals)/
30.1.SundayVirtuSLO RaceSuki's Playground/
31.1.Monday/Scooterpacing Loop

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