VirtuSlo Zwift Category definition


Your ABILITY is defined by your weight in kilograms and your FTP (95% of Peak 20min power) in Watts. These two parameters define how fast you will be, and what category you should choose to Race in.

To calculate your Racing Category enter your FTP (95% of Peak 20min power) in Watts and weight in kilograms on the table below. Weight on the calculator is limited to 32-110kg and power is limited to 1-700w.

FTP (95% of 20min) in Watts: Peak 20 min [W/kg]:
Weight [kg]: Category:
Solo Rider on a Road Bike
Zwift Pen
Speed on Flat at FTP (km/h)
40km/h < A
39km/h to 40km/h B
38km/h to 39km/h C
37km/h to 38km/h D
< 37km/h E

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