Every Monday at 18:00 CET we will organize a group preview ride on upcoming Wednesday’s Runda course, with bots set to pull over the course with power between 2.0-3.5w/kg. This should provide a span wide enough to suit every kind of a rider to do his preview of the course in a leisure pace. Mondays are generaly not meant for competitive efforts, but rather for joyfull community group experience, yet feel free to ride Runda course hard if you wish so.

DateCourseLapsDist (km)Gain (m)Event link*
1.11.2021Šentjurska runda151.6405Join
8.11.2021Majolka Loop451.6448Join
15.11.2021Leuven City (real road)346.2408Join
22.11.2021Maribor City Loop651.6624Join
29.11.2021Donački krog147.1548Join
6.12.2021Ljubljana City Loop551245Join
13.12.2021De Ronde (real road)544.5840Join
20.12.2021Konjiška Runda157.5385Join
03.1.2021Iron Horse Classic (real road)255.6638Join
10.1.2022Koper DP 2021351.3504Join
17.1.2022UCI GFWC 2021 Sarajevo137.91332Join
24.1.2022Tuesday Lav147.4245Join
31.1.2022Scooterpacing Loop151.5385Join
7.2.2022Pohorc Runda156.21009Join
14.2.2022Ptuj City Loop848.8224Join
21.2.2022Prekmurska Runda reverse157.2496Join
28.2.2022Celje Loop349.8315Join
7.3.2022Vitanje Loop1.542.2531Join
14.3.2022Dolenjska runda147.2287Join
21.3.2022Maraton Bioterme149.1485Join

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