Stage #7: Ptujska gora pilgrimage

Time bonuses (sec): 8-6-4-3-2-1

The last stage of the NY Tour and the last chance to win big.

The stage is very much like Sv.Ema stage, only a bit longer and perhaps easier in terms of climbing. Because it’s stage 7 and legs of GC riders are already smoked like well done steak, it is going to be very open. It could be a breakaway today, it could be a win for a solo attacker, and it could be the one for the sprinters. It’s all open. Similar to Sv.Ema stage, the poison here is in the tail. The final sprint to Ptujska gora cittadel is a very special one. It is kind of sprint where sprinters & puncheurs do compete equally well. It’s progressively steeper and steeper in last 300meters, and the highest gradient some 50meters to go is up to 23%! It’s going to be a slow motion sprint. A painfull long burning process with a smoke coming out of quad’s after the line. What a way to finish a gruelling stage race.