Stage #1: Gorca vineyards

Time bonuses (sec): 6-5-4-3-2-1

This is classic Haloze stage. Relatively wide and fast roling walley roads with a typical short and punchy climbs to bridge from one walley to another. The stage is the one that will suit true puncheurs and punchy climbers right onto the skin. The climbs are not particulary long, most of them are 1.5 to 3 min long, but they are steep enough for a real puncheur to dislodge not only a sprinter, but to put in trouble even some lightly built and steady climber. The final climb to Gorca vineyards is a 10min long uneven drag with many gradient changes. It will feel like climbing steps. The final sprint offers some incredible scenic 360° views IRL, but riders unfortunately won’t be able to enjoy it in RGT world.

Because the stage is so demanding, it offers relatively modest amount of time bonuses for first finishers. Sprinters will have to try to survive as deep as possible into the stage to minimize their time loss at the finish.