About Runda rules

  • Come, join Runda with smile on your face. It’s your personal weekly speed festival.
  • When it’s your turn, pull as an person obsessed by a demon. Pull like there is no tommorow!
  • Draft as much as you want, benefit from effort of others as much as you want, but try keeping your self at the tail of a blob then.
  • Always sprint for the final. Without a final sprint, Runda isn’t real runda.
  • It is allowed to be a bit selfish asshole in the later part of the Runda. If you cross the line first, the beer for your group is on you!
  • Chat, embrace, be enthusiastic, keep the group spirit high. Never bully others!
  • Once the painfull grim on your face dissapears, it’s time for a smile agin and a high five for your suffering group compatriots.
  • Come back next wednesday and try finish in one group closer to leaders.