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Savinjska runda preview

Previous week's Donački krog was a bummer. Packed with three climbs, every one a bit harder and longer than previous one, it was a though ask for a large group to stay together. Looking into results sheet, we can see, the groups where spread all over the course with...



Do you know the phenomenom called “runda”? Of course you do. Everybody knows what runda is. Yet, there is no definition what exactly runda is. If you ask ten cyclist what is runda, you will get ten different answers. Is it a group ride? Yes, special kind of. A very...

RGT Physics and drafting

To get you ready for a change, there is a great blog post how RGT simulates physics and drafting. It does mimic the real life cycling far better and accurate than other platforms. Used to going downhill +100km/h in Zwift? This will not happen on RGT. Check out here...

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