Stage 5: Bled Circuit Race (11-15 Laps)


Fun, fast and punchy, criterium like stage awaits.

Racing on short circuits with twists and turns and on litlle undulating terrain is always sketchy. Full of out of the corner accelerations, frequent pace changes can be very demanding.

Its the stage that should suit sprinters the most, but we have seen in the past that attacking ride can destroy the field on courses like this.

Golden segments

The stage has one timed segments, which will offer bonus seconds on 4th, 7th and 10th lap. It’s a relative long sprint segment into slight incline (330m, 8vm) so expect some burning sensations in your legs. It’s also perfect ambush territory for counter attacks right after those sprints.

RGT Road ID for those wanting to preride and study course is: AqETvhMKTo6a

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