Stage 2: Tržič – Krajnska gora (49.7km, 615vm)


The one where sprinters will shine!

Despite 615m of vertical gain, this is easy and fast stage. The stage starts almost straight into 3km climb with 193m of gain and which might wory sprinters. But it’s a very long way to the finish and with just a litlle help and cohesive group riding, any possible small breakaway of climbers will be brought back.

But you never know until it happens. That’s the sharm of racing.

Golden segments

This stage has three timed segments with bonus seconds to offer. The first one is a KOM segment (1.34km, 110vm) which might interest wide range of riders due relative short duration of segment (~2min). Second and third segment are both sprint segments (250m, flat) where fast mens will have a chance to build some buffer for following days.

RGT Road ID for those wanting to preride and study course is: EhULXtGztkUA

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