Race setup / accuracy requirements:

Only power meter or smart trainer with +/-3% or lower power accuracy reading is eligible for the results.

Heart rate monitors are obligatory for all participants. Possible troubles with faulty HR measurments, missing data, etc. will be tolerated, if rider can provide adeqate proof/explanation to the organizer.


Three ability based categories and optionaly one gender based category, with separated starting pens will be available:

A – Advanced category

B – Intermediate category

C – Basic category

E – Woman category – will be available only if 5 or more ladies will participate, otherwise ladies will be joined to C cat. Of course, stronger ladies can freely join Cat B or Cat A if they want to.

Joining right category:

It is allowed to join stronger category. It is not allowed to join lower. Intentionaly entering lower category is called sandbagging and will result in disqualification.

Stage winner:

The winner of the day is the rider with the lowest time in the end, discounted for time bonuses gathered during the race on Golden segments. Look carefully for Golden segments position before entering the race.

General classification (GC) battle:

It is possible to race a single stage and compete for stage win only, or to race entire tour and compete for general classification win.

For the general classification, it is cumulative time that counts. The rider with the lowest cumulative time from stages, including time bonuses, wins general classification. Most stages offer some time bonuses for the first 5 finishers in a stage, and these vary among stages according to the nature of a stage (see the table with stage details). The organizer will subtract the time bonus from the finish time after every stage.

Fair play and transparency:

Riders producing over 5.3w/kg for Peak20min power or riders going over 6w/kg for Peak5min power or riders with unrealistical riding data, will be either asked to prove their weight or/and performance with IRL data to the event organizer. To save hassle, all podium finishers are encouraged to sign up to This is a comunity led project committed to providing fair play for all by providing a platform to enable the virtual racing community to control their data and showcase proof of their legitimacy. Please make sure to select “public” or “Virtuslo” in the privacy dropdown when you create power metrics/videos/equipment on your profile.

For those who might strugle with eBiopassport, we encourage them to validate their weight in RGT Ride Fair group site. Those failing to prove their weight and/or performance or riding very unrealistically will be removed from results. In the spirit of #ridefair please also consider making your Strava profile public.


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