Choosing the right Category


Peak 20 min [W]: Peak 20 min [W/kg]:
Weight [kg]: Category:
A Category
B Category
C Category

Your ABILITY is defined by your weight in kilograms and your Peak20min power in watts. These two parameters define how fast you will be, and what category you should choose to ride with.

Please observe your ability with grate care. If your calculated abilities are close to the border, rather choose higher Category to avoid later DQ or upgrades to higher categories.

What happens when Peak20min Cat limit is exceeded?

If your race performance exceeds the category limit, we call it spike (!). If you spike for >4% over the limit, your result will be DQ-ed (UPG), because you are clearly too strong for that Cat. However, one spike per 7 stages within 4% tolerance will be allowed. On the second spike, the rider will be DQ-ed from results (UPG) of that Category and can continue racing in higher Cat. Your stage times achieved prior to UPG will be transfered to higher category.

Example 1: On Stage #4 during a time trial 70 kg category B rider recorded Peak20min power @4.17 W/kg. Because 4% tolerance for B category is @4.26 W/kg, his result will be valid and marked with an exclamation point (!). On Queen stage #6 this same rider produced 4.12 W/kg for Peak20min during long climb. Because it is the second spike, he gets auto DQ with upgrade notion (UPG). The rider is slightly too strong for Cat B and should continue in Cat A.

Example 2: Category C rider with 85kg has recorded Peak20min power @3,31 W/kg during Stage #1. Because his performance exceeded 4% tolerance limit (3.27 W/kg) he gets auto DQ with upgrade notion (UPG). He is clearly too strong for Cat C and should register to Cat B first place. However, he can continue the race in Category B, with his Stage 1 finish time transfered.