League info & rules – Spring

Slovenian Zwift League is a race serié with 9 races over a 9 week period in, , , group. Races will be held every Sunday at 10.30 AM CET, starting from the 19th of January till the 15th of March 2020. Everyone is welcome to take part and participate, score points in a single race or entire series.

Group categories

We use standard zwiftpower.com category limits which are based on 95% of your Peak20min power output:

over 4.0 W/kg
3.2 W/kg to 3.99 W/kg
2.5 W/kg to 3.19 W/kg
Under 2.49 W/kg

Generally, your profile data at zwiftpower.com (abbreviated as ZP) determines in which category you should race. ZP continuously monitors your performance and calculates your Category on a rolling base for the last 90 days (~3 months).

If you are new and didn’t participate in an event on Zwift yet or don’t know your category yet, use 95% of your best 20-minute effort and divide it by your weight in kilograms and pick the correct category.

Example: 73 kg heavy rider has recorded his Peak20min effort during all-out climbing @289watts.

Category => (289W x 0.95) / 73kg = 3.76 W/kg => Cat

Important note: We are 100% dependent on ZP monitoring and their statistical service. This also means that if you get upgraded by ZP during the league, you will be upgraded in the points system and start with zero points in higher Category. If you are close to the Category limit, and you are not very experienced Zwifter or long-time rider familiar with your power output, we recommend choosing higher Category. It can be heartbreaking if you simply improve during League, with your heart pumping more blood, lungs extracting more Oxygen and legs pushing pedals stronger and get filtered from results, relegated to higher Category with a new start from Zero.

Mandatory requirements and Race settings

  1. Heart rate monitor.
  2. Smart trainer or power meter.
  3. Participants must be registered on Zwiftpower.com with obligatory OPT-IN in zwift.com Profile. How to register and opt-in (instructions): Link 1, Link 2.

Starting times are separated per categories with NO power-ups:
+ 0 minutes
+ 1 minute
+ 2 minutes
+ 3 minutes

Points system

Spring series is a competition with three different prizes:

  1. General Classification (GC) or Yellow jersey competition
  2. Sprint Classification or Green jersey competition
  3. King of the Mountain (KOM) or Black jersey competition

To score points in any competition rider must finish the stage and be listed in ZP results!

Jersey hierarchy

In case someone leads by the points in two or even three jersey competitions, then the ranking is following:

  1. Yellow jersey
  2. Green jersey
  3. Black jersey

Example: Rider X.Y. is leading in Sprint and KOM competition by the points. He must wear Green jersey as higher ranked jersey. Next placed rider in KOM competition must wear Black jersey.

Weekly prize draw

Same as during autumn serié, after every stage, usually on Monday evening, we will randomly choose one SLO rider with valid stage result for free professional bike-fitting worth 200€ performed by VS Bike

Main League Prize

Same as after autumn serié, after nine weeks of spring series one lucky SLO rider with at least 5 validly finished stages, will be randomly chosen for Wahoo Elemnt Bolt bike computer worth 240€.