Ljubljana City Loop, with just 240vm per 50km distance, was by far the flattest runda course this season. This meant that average speeds of groups were highest so far as well. It also means, that for most it was possible to draft a lot, because the higher speeds the higer watt saving in draft is. Also, the number of participants with 130+ sign-ups among all 3 categories was the higest this season as well.

Unfortunately, despite super easy course we had highest rate of sandbagging too. Particulary in category C. We had to DQ 12 riders. Thats 30% of all finishers in C cat!

Category A had super fast runda with 43.6kph average for winer of the day. More over, the winer of the day, was a rider who started the season in category B, upgraded and won clearly with a 5k solo at the end of the race. Chapeau!


Category B had only two sandbaggers, and both were just a tip over the limit, so they didn’t affect the race that much. But still, the same rider who was DQ’d already a week ago, entered B again and got DQ’d 2nd time in a row. Cmon boys, you are strong enough to move into A group.


Then we had race C which was completely destroyed by sandbaggers. Holly smole, just look at the chart below. Most of these riders are deep into B category. Please understand, with your ability, you are destroying the race for legit C riders. They can’t enjoy riding in a fairly even group, because you are extremly affecting the dynamics of the race. Move into B next week!