Do you remember beautyfull Vipavska walley and Palba runda from this january?

Well, we will ride in this part of the world again. Only this time in a counter clockwise direction, and on much bigger loop which will include so scenic (IRL) Kras region.

This is a beautiful IRL course featuring most popular roads on Kras. Right now it’s exactly the time of the year when these roads are very popular for continental riders due warm mediteranic climate and rolling terain perfect for gathering of early spring base miles. Do not expect any long and straight flats here. This is a landscape made for rolling and twisting roads. Yet, do not expect crasy wild climbs and descends either. This is simply constantly waving form of riding on the roads that are constantly in a slight curve left or right or up or down. Time flies here fast.

The course is relatively easy until kilometer 65 when we hit the main climb of the day, Stjak climb. It’s a nice, regular 5k @6% climb. Not the hardest on the world, yet long enough for climbers to attack and try to shake off from heavier and punchier riders. However, even if selection will be made there, there is still some distance to cover until finish line, and if by some scenario groups come together before the end it will be an uphill sprint to the line. Namely, our fondo ends in a super scenic Kras village named Vipavski Križ.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to see it in RGT, so here is a picture to imagine the place and to put it into your list of must visits this summer.

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