foto by Matej Zalar – Nergač

Here comes the ugly, the bad, and the brute. TopFit Flanders. Real annual event of local cycling club called TopFit.


The one for the strongmens. Real classic, just like real tour of Flanders. Running entirely in the walley between two alpine chains, yet all but flat. Uper photo captures the landscape perfectly. Like real Flanders, TopFit course is circling forth and back, left and right, riding over every single hellingen or local hill in the walley. Most of them are short and punchy, too short for pure climbers, these can be grinded over with pure force and brute. Just look at the profile below and count those dark red strips. There is enough of them to bite into the legs of even the strongest of the fittest. The one who wants to win this, has to be strong enough to survive until end and very punchy to finish first a top of the Bled castle.

One of the protagonists and main motor in TopFit gang, Miha Kosmač – Kosi, who spent tremendous effort to edit this twistling-knotted course for perfect RGT user experience, has prepared special table with all climbs along the course. He gave them star rating, similar to Paris-Roubaix pave rating with one star for the easiest and five stars for the hardest. Anyone challenging the course can have a proper information what was done, whats coming up, and whats still left to ride. Here is the list of “gorenjska hellingens”:

# Name at dist distance average gradient max. gradient Rating
1 Ribno 5km 500m 8,4% 12,8% **
2 Helling voorbij Legenda 14km 940m 10,0% 21,4% ****
3 De Kerk Heuvel 21km 1600m 5,3% 22,5% ***
4 Prezrenje Zuiden 47km 370m 11,3% 17,0% ***
5 Gobovce – Podbrezje 30km 1900m 4,1% 9,4% **
6 Muur de Žeje 34km 300m 10,9% 20,1% ***
7 Trnovc 37km 400m 8,0% 22,0% **
8 Op Globočnikberg 50km 430m 14,0% 20,8% *****
9 Onder de Brug Dobruša 51km 200m 13,8% 26,2% ****
10 Muur deMoste 65km 200m 17,6% 30,1% *****
11 Breznica Climb (Edelweiss) 68km 100m 6,8% 15,1% *
12 Smokuč Climb 70km 200m 9,7% 17,3% **
13 Op Koritno 76km 440m 7,2% 21,5% **
14 Dorp (Selo) 80km 330m 7,4% 13,4% **
15 Grot Zaka Climb 84km 570m 11,0% 15,1% ***
16 Poljšica Classics 86km 2000m 6,0% 16,0% ****
17 Podhom Climb 92km 310m 7,8% 18,2% *
18 Triglavska cesta (Na Planiko) 95km 160m 5,4% 19,1% *
19 Veslaška promenada 96km 350m 10,0% 27,2% ****
20 Castle Climb 97km 530m 11,0% 30,5% *****

With 1.640m of altitude gain in 98km it is third hilliest course in this serié. As already mentioned, the climbs here are not very long, and those longer 1.5-2.0km are not that steep on average, but they are numerous, dispersed throughout the course and most of them include some painfull steep ramps. Think of climbs like famous Patterberg or Oude Kwaremont in Belgium, these are like this. The entire fondo is like later part of real Flanders. With one exeption, the finish line. No flat run in here, instead you can expect 75 seconds long, burning, smoking, painfull grind up the Bled castle.

Sounds scary? Naaah…c’mon. It’s time for a fest!

Join the party here.