Heading to charming Dolenjska region this weekend. The land of famous Cviček wine, the one that makes people happy and smiling. No where else you can get so much hospitality and warmth on countryside as in Dolenjska.

Back to our medio fondo course. It’s one of the easiest parcours’s in this serié. With just 850vm along the route, this isn’t particulary hard one, albeit it’s not that flat at all. Because of undulating terain all along the way, it’s actually very open type of race, where it’s hard to predict what type of rider will excell. Definetly sprinter won’t be in a big trouble by climbing on this one. The longest climb of the day, Oštrc climb, was already featured in wednesday Dolenjska runda few weeks ago, and has been proved to be easy to survive, since the average is only around 3-4% and there are no steep ramps at all. It is only last 15km that provides some short and steep ramps where puncheurs could attack and succeed, else where its simply open to a wide array of riders. All they need to do is, to manage to be in the break away of the day and finish over the line first.

Sound easy, doesn’t it?

Come, and join the fun here.