New week, new runda course. From far north-east to the south-east of Slovenia. From Prekmurje to Dolenjska region. Into Novo Mesto city, the capital of happy people.

Might be something related with food they eat and drink. More probably with the latter, because they adore the sort of wine called “Cviček”. And just a sip of Cviček brings the smile on mans face. And these people smile most of the time…

Back to our Runda course. Flat and fast (but not straight!), out and back course, with turn-around at the top of Oštrc climb. With only 3.6% for almost 6km Oštrc is not particulary hard climb. It’s a type of a big ring climb where drafting still plays a major role, because speed never drops below 20kmh. But, it’s still 6km long, and there are still short ramps that might cause small splits within the line up the hill. Anyhow, for the strongest group of riders, the climb will be very likely to easy to fall apart. Thus the real racing will have to happen on flats. And as with any (too) flat course its always open until the end.

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