Heading from the west to the far north-east of Slovenia. We will visit Prekmurje region, already a part of huge Panonia basin flats, altho this runda does the clockwise circle mostly within Goričko hills. Goričko is a hilly lowland area with shallow hills and typical ridge setllement. Traditional old villages will be always on the top of the hill, with agricultural land on the upper parts and forest mostly in the walley. It’s a part of the world where time seams to beat less histericaly. Where people tend to be more calm. Litlle traffic you will find here, also no idiot will override you for riding more than 1m of the side, and a tractor might be sometimes more common on the road as a car.

The profile suggest a bumpy ride with quite some climbing along. Reality is different. These are beautifull roads, fast, rolling, slightly twisting along walleys, gently bumping over numerous small rises and never to be bored with never ending strights. IRL fastest times are usually around 1h30 and with well spirited field inlcuding nearby austrian riders, speeds can reach as high as 42kmh average. However, there is one sub 2min steep ramp wich usually splits the group apart. It’s called Trdkova climb. This is a nasty one, and is followed by some undulated terrain on the ridge of the hills which offers some buffering time for a attackers to build the lead. However, the second part of runda is mostly downhill on a very fast and rolling roads and a group working well together should be able to bring back home the breakaway as long it’s not too big. At the end, the road is flat, wide, pan straight to the line. A 60+km/h clash for big thights of fastmens. Who would love Runda like this?