Prekmurska runda preview

Prekmurska runda preview

Heading from the west to the far north-east of Slovenia. We will visit Prekmurje region, already a part of huge Panonia basin flats, altho this runda does the clockwise circle mostly within Goričko hills. Goričko is a hilly lowland area with shallow hills and typical ridge setllement. Traditional old villages will be always on the top of the hill, with agricultural land on the upper parts and forest mostly in the walley. It’s a part of the world where time seams to beat less histericaly. Where people tend to be more calm. Litlle traffic you will find here, also no idiot will override you for riding more than 1m of the side, and a tractor might be sometimes more common on the road as a car.

The profile suggest a bumpy ride with quite some climbing along. Reality is different. These are beautifull roads, fast, rolling, slightly twisting along walleys, gently bumping over numerous small rises and never to be bored with never ending strights. IRL fastest times are usually around 1h30 and with well spirited field inlcuding nearby austrian riders, speeds can reach as high as 42kmh average. However, there is one sub 2min steep ramp wich usually splits the group apart. It’s called Trdkova climb. This is a nasty one, and is followed by some undulated terrain on the ridge of the hills which offers some buffering time for a attackers to build the lead. However, the second part of runda is mostly downhill on a very fast and rolling roads and a group working well together should be able to bring back home the breakaway as long it’s not too big. At the end, the road is flat, wide, pan straight to the line. A 60+km/h clash for big thights of fastmens. Who would love Runda like this?

Palba runda preview

Beautiful Vipavska walley is on the menü this week. The blossom of agricultural land, the garden of gods, loaded with fruits, vegetables, wineyards, pork. It’s an eden on earth with one and only exeption, the Burja wind!

Like with the land, so with cycling and cyclists. No where else in Slovenia, so many quality riders would be concentrated as in Vipavska region and nearby Kras. Actually there are so many cycling lunatics there, so many watts, we could export some power and be reach.

Palba runda is a fast and beutiful circular course around Vipava walley with only one climb long enough to split the group into pieces. Manče climb is ~2km long, @4.5% big ring climb, well suited for strong riders and puncheurs. It comes relatively early, only after some 10km into the ride and will split the group apart. Albeit there is enough of relatively straight and slowly descending ground afterwards, for many groups to rejoin again. But a group of three or four, working hard together, might succed in a breakaway attempt. Terain becomes more lumpy in the last 15km ofering many opurtunities for an ambush and bold attack. If not before, the race will most certainly explode in last 3.5km. Sprinters will have to bite through their handlebars to stay on the wheels there and contest the final sprint. But it’s possible, only there won’t be any big group sprinting at all. Only many small solo, duo, trio groups sprinting for the line.

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Konjiška runda preview

After short new year break our Runda series is back.

We are starting new season with a relatively flat and fast runda course popular among local group of riders in eastern part of Slovenia. It follows mostly flat ground around Dravinja river basin. The roads are wide, nicely tarmaced, beuatufully twisted, on mostly slightly waving ground with many small rises and undulations along the way. The only climb of the day, comes very late, after almost 50km of ride and is not particulary selective. It’s 1.8km long steady drag at 4.5% (Strava segment). Very popular among pro cyclist for car or scooter pacing sessions, since drafting is very noticable here.

Because of the nature of the course, it will be very likely a fast ride in a big group. With just a bit of drafting skill many will be able to hold the speed of big group for at least first 3/4 of the course. Pure sprinters and puncheurs will very much like the course. When they see profile like this, their mood and motivation usually rises up instantly.

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New Year Tour 2020 is a wrap. 7 days of grueling riding on authentic Slovenian roads is over.

209 riders has finished at least one stage during Tour, and 31 has managed to complete all 7 stages. There where actually some more, but some riders has unfortunately experienced an upgrade notion (46 in total) due too high category performance, which annuled their results for those stages. Something we hope we will improve in next edition in terms, nobody will have to get an UPG, and riders of different body shapes and abilities will be grouped together much more equally. Current linear W/kg denomination is indeed unfair to very light riders.

Many thanks to Primož, Uroš, Mitja and Matjaž, four engines behind the scenes, for making it happen. We will come back next year at the same time, with similar format, but on new roads in some other region, and with much improved category system and ruleset. Hopefully on improved RGT platform also, which should be able to replicate (if not a beauty) at least a bit of countryside around the road. They have 358 days of time until then. 😉

Slovenian Zwift League – Fight for Jersey 2021

Happy new year all! We have some exciting news. We have prepared another league for you, still on our usual Sunday timeslot. This one will span over 11 weeks starting from 17th January and only 9 of your best race participations will count to league points. The aim of the game will be Fight for Jersey. There will be two jerseys to figh for: The Yellow jersey and Red jersey.

We hope to see you on Zwift on 17th January! Until the league officially starts join our Friday group workout ride (18:00 CET) where we will test some of the courses from the upcoming league.

More information here: Rules & info / Race calendar