Many racers in B and C category has noticed strike (*) or UPG note in official results sheet. As rules where determined before race, only one strike (trespassing up to 5% over the category limit) is allowed during all stages for the result to count towards general classification in that category. Those riders with Peak20min wkg power ratio trespassing for more than 5% over the limit, result can’t be valid in that particular category and rider gets UPG notion by the result. Only two riders who got an UPG during early stages has decided to indeed migrate into higher category and continue racing there. Thus, organizing board has decided, it is allowed for those riders to bring their stage results achieved in lower category into higher category and continue racing in GC classement. However, this rule can only be implemented, if a rider has upgraded until stage 4 (Avé Poetovio). Stage 4 had different distances across categories, making it impossible to compare times between C&E, B and A groups.