Previous week’s Donački krog was a bummer. Packed with three climbs, every one a bit harder and longer than previous one, it was a though ask for a large group to stay together. Looking into results sheet, we can see, the groups where spread all over the course with numerous small 3-5 rider packages coming back home.

This week it is going to be a bit easier one. Savinjska runda with 57km and 420vm of ascent, has only one fairly short climb right in the middle. OK, it is mostly uphill for the first half, but that’s nothing to worry about since this is not climbing, but rather slow and steady progression up on one side of Savinjska walley, until short climb before the road turns backwards, with fast rolling roads downwards the other side of walley. For a majority it will be a free ticket for a bus ride. Staying in the group for fist 23 or so kilometers will be easy. Road starts rising a bit more until kilometer 27, but that’s still managable in the draft as well even for less capable riders. Then comes short climb which will split the group into two or three groups with a high chance of these groups staying intact until finish line. Once the climb is over, it will be really easy to coast with the group since roads are mostly slightly downhill and group speeds can be quite high without any particular effort.