Sounds like a joke, but this time it isn’t. Our league sponsor VS Bike has informed us, they have troubles with all the China trading and import. One of the companies with almost entire production in China is also Wahoo. And right now it’s almost entire Europe without Wahoo Tickr HR monitors and other peripherals since there is almost all delivery delayed due Corona measures.

What’s important, is that we will keep on with prize draw after every stage, but all the winners will have to wait for some time for Wahoo’s EU delivery of goods. VS Bike guaranteed us that we do not have to worry about prizes and actual delivery, it’s only the time that is in question.

Also important, the main prize of the Fight for Jersey league, that is Wahoo Elemnt Bolt bike computer, is still in stock at VS bike and will be drawed in two weeks time between all SLO league riders with at least 5 valid stage results.

Meanwhile, stay rather at home in isolation, live like a monk, turn the pedals behind your TV screen, Fight for jersey like a maniac and wait for the Corona craze to pass by. You can’t get infected over internet for now, but you can get much stronger legs, bigger heart and higher lung capacity.

Ride on!