Fun for everyone. Sprinters and climbers get ready to clash!

Time flies. We are already at the penultimate stage of Fight for Jersey! Only two mixed stages are left, and both are dynamic, mixed with the action guaranteed for sprinters and climbers.

OK, first let’s look at the course. Innsbruck KOM after party is course of two parts. The first part, three Laps of Innsbruckring is fairly flat with only one well known 45s-1min long leg snapper just before the sprint banner. In every Lap, there is a Sprint banner just after the snapper and every time we pass the banner there are 8 points available for sprinters. This means, there are a maximum of 24 pts to grab and a lot of chances for green jersey fighters to change the current leaderboard and prestigious privilege to wear the green jersey in the next stage. Just look at the leaderboard table below, and it’s obvious, that category A and C is very tight and still open for jersey to grab- Only Grega Gregoric from Cat B looks safe, but he has to ride the stage and don’t let Janez Marguč to harvest all sprint points.

Igor Kopse87Grega Gregoric70Marko Drinovec64
Tadej Sedar80Janez Marguc50Luka Lapanja61
Daniel Pettinger55Mitja Kovacic34Andrew Mudge53
Miha Kosmač42Simon Strmsek31Klemen Svegelj28
Matej Lovse29Damjan Krajc25Thomas Reinecke27
Robi Marič16Gregor Hirsman23Johan Verledens19

The second part of the course is uphill. After three Laps of flats, we turn left on to the main climb of the day. The Innsbruck KOM forward climb awaits and it’s well known to many since we have done it twice already in an autumn stage. It’s a long climb and not that steep. But with variable gradients and many steep ramps long enough to shake off any non-climber. There are 15 points to grab at the top of the climb, but the climbers have a bit harder job to do. They will need to fight with yellow jersey contenders since the KOM banner is also the finish of the stage. This means, that yellow jersey, who does not need to attack for the entire stage, just follow the wheels, will go all-out at the end and compete with black jersey for the same line. Just look at the black jersey leaderboard bellow and you can easily spot the small difference in A and B category. With 30 KOM points in the last two stages on offer, there is still plenty of chance to grab the black jersey. Only Andrew Mudge from Cat C is safe and can not lose the jersey anymore, but he has an offer for bigger fish to fry still open, and we don’t doubt he will fight for it!

Matej Lovse64Mitja Kovacic57Andrew Mudge85
Daniel Pettinger57Simon Strmsek44Luka Lapanja53
Igor Kopse44Uros Galic30Pablo Underwood28
Dean Bratuš35Andy whitesde28Janez Tomc23
Dan Fleeman23Janez Marguc26Darja Vavpetic21
Samuel Brännlund23Alex Coh18Klemen Svegelj20

All categories & & & will do same distance over 37km distance and 640m of altitude gain.

The race happens on Sunday 8.3.2020 at 10.30 CET. Register here right now and don’t forget to buy flowers for your beloved ladies.

See you all there!

Have you ridden the course “Innsbruck KOM After Party” before? The easiest way is to check the segment in your Strava account.