An interesting mixed stage awaits, with lots of possibilities for a different type of riders. Sign in for the stage right now here.

Stage 4 will be another fast stage. Despite having Volcano climb in the middle, the stage isn’t particularly hard. Even capable sprinters can survive Volcano since it’s not that steep and solid drafting skills can save a lot of energy. But it depends on the dynamics and the tempo in the blob. In the case of aggressive racing, sprinters can be put into trouble, but it has to be really punchy and sustained. The best scenario for them is being steady, with blob riding Volcano at submaximal pace. If this happens, a sprinter can clearly win the stage. Watopia KOM reverse climb is not nearly hard enough to get rid of them. Remember, once they are over Volcano KOM banner they will no longer wear sheepskin, they will transform into blood smelling wolves, and they will bite if even the smallest chance occurs. There are 16 sprint points to grab and looking at the Jersey leaderboards, it’s close enough in all three categories for Jersey to change the owner of the privilege. Sprinters, don’t forget one very important point: the first sprint comes immediately after the stage start. There is perhaps less than 2 kilometers until the first Sprint banner. Do not forget to start the stage with legs well warmed up!

For the climbers, there is a hard task. There are 13 pts available, but these climbs are too easy for many. And since many have their eyes on a beautiful, most cool looking Jersey, they will need to do an all-out sprint on banners if they want to harvest any point for themself at all. And of course, there must be no break in front stealing KOM points, or, they have to be in a break. And both is hard. First part of the route is flat and while it’s easy for a group to sneak away it is also super hard to break away. You never know, how will group react to a potential attack. Sometimes small group rides away just like that, some other times the break just isn’t possible since too many people would like to be in front.

Looking at the jersey leaderboard with small gaps in all three groups and a combined possibility for a bigger group to finish the stage, there is a chance for Yellow swapping too. All that’s needed is that current leaders perform poorly in sprint and yellow privilege can end up on some other rider.

Remember that from stage 2 onwards, our Dress code is in effect. Please read it carefully and don’t forget: fight for the Jersey!

All categories & & & will do 1 lap, 40km distance and 303m of altitude altogether.

The race happens on Sunday 9.2.2020 at 10.30 CET (10.30 AM CET)

Here is the VeloViewer 3D map of the course.

Have you ridden the course before? The easiest way is to check the segment in your Strava account.