Stage 2 is done and dusted. 315 riders signed up during both days, 141 on Saturday and 174 on Sunday. Of course, Slovenian riders are the most abundant participants, but various nations already emerged on top of world points classification after week #2, most notably Denmark in category B and Germany in C.

As expected before the stage, the spicy nature of Richmond course split the whole bunch into smaller groups, with furious attacks on steep ramps and sleepy mode on flat parts. Relatively long course for Zwift standards (3 laps for A and B groups) took its tool also among finishers because only 48% of race entrants actually finished event (50% in first opening week).

Preliminary results for the Slovenian community are almost finalized. Because these need to be sorted manually, there is always a chance for a mistake to occur here and there. Please, check out your results carefully also by yourself and don’t hesitate to inform us over the Strava club or Facebook page. If there is a mistake, we will correct it ASAP.

And just to remind you, don’t forget to watch Monday’s prize draw between weekend’s eligible riders list. We will stream it Live over Youtube channel and Facebook page at precisely 19:00 CET. One lucky rider will get professional bike fitting and some other goodies at VS Bike!